Project C03: Pandemic Human Differentiation I

Proxemic Shifts in Virally Exposed Sociality

The project examines the Corona Pandemic as a case of a historically reoccurring form of human categorization. Its focus lies on three aspects: 1. The medical identification and the societal imagination of a viral participant in social relations at the outer limits of the human experience; 2. the precarious identification of humans as infected or uncontaminated with this participant; 3. the proxemic micro-structures resulting from the identification issue. Via dis-course-analytical and ethnographical methods the project will investigate how the pandemic present morphs into history and how pandemic history makes itself present in the current societal dilemma.

Project team
Prof. Dr. Stefan Hirschauer (PI)
Prof. Dr. Johannes Paulmann (PI)
Aaron Hock (PhD student)
Clara Terjung (PhD student)