Project Area C: Human Limits und Infrastructures

The projects in area C are concerned with the study of human differentiation on the limits of what is considered 'human' and differentation which takes place vis-à-vis other entities such as animals or artefacts.

C01: Linguistic Human Categorization

PI: Damaris Nübling (German Linguistics)

C02: Zoological Human Differentiation

PI: Johannes Paulmann (Modern History)


C03: Pandemic Human Differentiation I

PIs: Stefan Hirschauer and Johannes Paulmann (Sociology, Modern History)


C04: Urban Control Regimes

PI: Gabriele Schabacher (Media and Cultural Studies)

C05: Mechanical Human Differentiation

PI: Herbert Kalthoff (Sociology)

C06: Posthuman Dedifferentiation?

PI: Sascha Dickel (Sociology)