Project Area B: Mobility and Sorting Processes

This project area is concerned with the study of human differentiation in social constellations of various different dimenstions.

B01: Cognitive Human Differentiation

PI: Roland Imhoff (Social Psychology)

B02: Contouring and Blurring of Linguistic Human Categorization

PI: Nico Nassenstein (African Studies)


B03: Sorting and Translating

PI: Dilek Dizdar (Translation Studies)


B04: Providers and Recipients of Help

PI: Heike Drotbohm (Anthropology)

B05: Legal-Bureaucratic Human Categorization in the Postwar Period

PI: Anne Friedrichs (Modern History)

B06: Migration and Welfare States in the USA

PI: Axel Schäfer (American Studies)

Making and Becoming "New (Wo)Men" (associated project)

PI: Gregor Feindt
(Eastern European History)

Unite against (associated project)

PI: Felicitas Flade
(Social Psychology)